Christmas Chaos, Covid-19 and Control

We don’t have control over a lot in life, but we can:
Choose to be gentle on ourselves, granting ourselves time to restore, reflect and re-energise when we need it.
Choose to be kind to those we interact with. It’s been shown the astounding ripple effect that small acts of kindness can have from tiny apparently insignificant acts of kindness. … More Christmas Chaos, Covid-19 and Control

Economy or Society: Our Post-Covid-19 Decisions

Do we want to live in an economy or a society? Now and in the near future, to a certain extent, we have an opportunity to choose how we recover from this global crisis. We can decide what our future might look like; how we might build a stronger, more resilient society; and whether we want to live in an economy or a society, or both! … More Economy or Society: Our Post-Covid-19 Decisions

Why Coronavirus is an Opportunity

A week ago I was feeling fairly blasé about coronavirus. We were laughing at the stupidity of people panic buying toilet paper and hand sanitiser. Since then, I’ve been realising the scale and seriousness of this pandemic. I’ve been devouring information from the World Health Organisation, discovering why we should approach the pandemic with a systems-thinking lens and curiously analysing interactive maps showing confirmed cases throughout the world. … More Why Coronavirus is an Opportunity