Introducing Community Changemakers

Introducing Community Changemakers, a sustainability education programme that supports people to instigate positive changes in their communities and surrounding environment through the development of community led projects for change. … More Introducing Community Changemakers

Four Years on from Paris: Why I’m Attending Tomorrow’s School Strike for Climate

It’s easy to get depressed or feel useless about the continuing climate devastation. But tomorrow’s school climate strikes, which have spiraled from teenager Greta Thunberg’s solo #FridaysForFuture strikes outside the Swedish parliament into a worldwide movement, inspire me. Like the pace of carbon emissions themselves, climate change action is rapidly evolving into a mainstream movement with those who will be impacted most, the youth of today, taking the lead. … More Four Years on from Paris: Why I’m Attending Tomorrow’s School Strike for Climate

Children Who Work

Globally, there are around 168 million children (or 11% of all children) who work, with over half of these engaged in work which is harmful to their health and well-being. Many (68%) of these children are working unpaid, assisting family with care-giving, household tasks or helping in family businesses. … More Children Who Work

Volunteering: Ethical Considerations

Before I left for a three-month volunteer teacher position working with Burmese migrants in Ranong, Thailand (which subsequently turned into 15 months) I pondered some of the issues raised in my last blog:¬†We Need to Talk About Voluntourism: A Commentary¬†Was I doing the right thing? Was I really needed there? What would the impact of having someone from another culture and no knowledge of the local language be? Were my experience and qualifications adequate to do the job I was tasked with? Rather than become part of the problem, I wanted to empower, build capability and inspire. … More Volunteering: Ethical Considerations

We Need to Talk About Voluntourism: A Commentary

A while back a friend sent me an article written in The Spinoff entitled “We need to talk about voluntourism”. ‘Voluntourism’ or volunteer tourism, is based upon the concept of doing something good while travelling, and has been gaining popularity in recent years. NGOs connect people wanting to give something back with projects (usually) in so-called developing countries. This may include assisting with construction, conservation and environmental projects, teaching English and the oft sought after orphanage tourism. While it is often possible to help for long periods of time – months or years, tourists often dedicate part of their holiday to a project, say a few weeks. … More We Need to Talk About Voluntourism: A Commentary