Gender Equality: International Women’s Day Reflections

The first time I consciously remember realising there was a difference between boys and girls (apart from the obvious differences in appearance and body parts) was when as child I questioned why girl’s bikes were shaped differently to boy’s. I was curious to understand why the cross bar was slanted on a girl’s bike, but horizontal on a boy’s. I don’t recall the exact response, but it was something to do with the contrasting ways girls and boys supposedly mounted and dismounted bikes. Boys were to swing their legs round the back wheel, whereas girls could hitch their leg across the front of the seat, which was apparently easier. … More Gender Equality: International Women’s Day Reflections

Christmas Chaos, Covid-19 and Control

We don’t have control over a lot in life, but we can:
Choose to be gentle on ourselves, granting ourselves time to restore, reflect and re-energise when we need it.
Choose to be kind to those we interact with. It’s been shown the astounding ripple effect that small acts of kindness can have from tiny apparently insignificant acts of kindness. … More Christmas Chaos, Covid-19 and Control